All submissions are in the witnesses own words. they are provided here as submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). The contents of all material available on this page are copyrighted and All Rights are Reserved. These real Rhode island ufo reports are posted on our website with the expressed permission of NUFORC executive director peter davenport and we thank him sincerely for his blessing. For the sake of clarity, the executive director of NUFORC also often places a brief summary/notation of the report at the bottom of the witness account. This entry is indicated by his initials - PD.     While we at RISEUP want to hear about your experiences, our readers are also encouraged to report any unusual sightings to NUFORC directly. This can be done through their on-line reporting form at their website. Witnesses names are kept private upon request and reports may be filed anonymously. In the interest of advancing this field of study we ask that only legitimate reports be filed. RISEUP makes no assurance as to the accuracy or validity of any report in the database.