A person who is thought to have had 'abduction' experiences. It is commonly thought that such experiences are the result of abduction by Extraterrestrials. In some cases, an Abductee is known as one who has experienced multiple abductions. Some psychologists believe the phenomenon of Alien Abduction to be all in the mind - and not an actual physical experience. Many others attribute being awakened by an alien presence during the night to sleep paralysis or "night terrors". Alien abductees often undergo hypnotic regression in an attempt to resurface memories regarding the abduction experience. In worst cases, these memories can be enhanced by "suggestion" directed from the person performing the treatment
        The next stage of progression, existence, and growth for a disembodied soul after death. While After Life is a universal concept it is subject to cultural variations in different religious beliefs
  Research has shown that poltergeist phenomena is usually centered around an individual. Further research has shown that these phenomena disproportionately occur around adolescent females. In such circumstances, these targets are coined "agents" of poltergeist activity. This implies that they play some role, sometimes involuntarily, in the manifestation of activity. 2. In tests for ESP abilities, the individual (human or animal) who looks at the information and who is said to “send” or “transmit” information to the percipient - the one who sees it.
 Stems from the Greek/Latin word ager meaning "field" and glýphō or "carving"; better known in modern times as Crop Circles.
  "Alien" does not refer to an extraterrestrial origin, but indicates that the beast is not native to the location where it is seen. The best evidence to date is blurred video footage or photos, regarded by most experts in such matters as showing large domestic cats. Suspect droppings have also been tested, but DNA has been difficult to come by. The "ABCs" are rarely traced to a reported loss of a pet or zoo specimen, but laws on registering exotic animals and releases into the wild, introduced in 1976 and 1981 respectively, are believed to have produced a rash of illegal releases into the countryside by individuals who privately owned these animals.  
Creatures, or beings that allegedly come from outer space possibly from other planets, galaxies, universes or even different dimensions. They are sometimes referred to as extraterrestrials.
Any man-made or natural object that's thought to be endowed with supernatural powers to bring good luck or ward off harm from ghosts, evil spirits, or black magic.
Spirit entities from the early days of the world, according to the Dreamtime or Creation myths of Australia's aboriginal tribes. Modern science dismisses these ideas as purely the stuff of fantasy but many aboriginals firmly believe in their continued existence.
  A theory popularized by Eric Von Daniken that between 10,000 and 40,000 years ago the earth was visited by extra- terrestrials who additionally bred with early humans to produce Homo Sapiens. Since writing his books advances in DNA technology have ruled out the possibility of alien genes as it is unlikely that the biology between humans and aliens would be so similar.
  A typically benevolent celestial being that acts as an intermediary between heaven and earth, particularly in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Zoroastrianism.  
Psychic phenomena involving the interactions of animals with humans, each other and the environment. Animal Psi is also known as "ANPSI" which was coined by J.B. Rhine to describe the phenomenon.  
  The belief that plants and other inanimate objects have Souls (derived from the Latin word 'animus' which means 'soul' ). It is an ancient belief that likely stemmed from the need for a way to determine what is alive and what isn't. Sir E. B. Tylor used the term "animism" as part of a proposed theory of religion in his 1871 book.  
 A cross shaped like a T with a loop at the top, especially as used in ancient Egypt as a symbol of life. Also called Ansate cross.
The substance rubbed on a person during a religious ceremony as a sign of sanctification or consecration. The word "anoint" is derived from the Old French word "enoint", which translates to "smeared on".  
     A term applied to a phenomenon which is unexpected or abnormal according to conventional scientific knowledge, but which defies any particular type of explanation. Sometimes preferred to as “paranormal.”  
Chief enemy of Christ who would reign at the end of time, first mentioned in the epistles of St. John. This idea of a mighty ruler who will appear at the end of days to fight against the forces of good was adapted from Judaism; the Jewish concept in turn had been influenced by Iranian and Babylonian myths of the battle of God and the devil at the end of time.  
The experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data. Commonly associated with paredolia and sometimes referred to as "matrixing".
The physical manifestation of a Spirit. Indications of an apparition range from strange smells and cold spots to the to the witnessing of a spirit manifestation in visible form. "Apparition" should not be confused with "ghost", which has a different definition.  
An apport is a solid object that seemingly appears from nowhere in the presence of a medium. Some apports are assembled from invisible material matter; others are teleported from another often-distant location. An asport is any object the spirits or the medium makes disappear or teleports to another location.  
A superior or higher-ranking angel. They are four to seven in number. Sometimes specific functions are ascribed to them. The four best known in Christian tradition are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. In early Jewish literature archangels are called “angels of the presence.”  
  A term used in parapsychology to describe evidence of supernatural phenomena that is not genuine, faked or that has been falsified by purely normal means. It can also refer to imperfections in photographs caused by the camera itself (above is an example of a camera strap).  
An entity said to be an exact, quasi-physical replica or “double” of the individual physical body, which can separate itself from the physical body, either temporarily, as in dreaming or in the out-of-the-body experience, or permanently, at the moment of death. Also known as the “etheric” body.  
The intentional act of having the spirit leave the body, whereas an out-of-body experience will happen involuntarily. Astral Projection is closely related to remote viewing and some cultures associate Astral Projection with spiritual awareness.  
A form of fortune telling or counseling for the individual, which is done through the interpretation of the motions, movements and positions of celestial objects  
An emanation or radiation that is invisible to the naked eye. It is often thought to be an invisible surrounding glow emanating from each individual. Some persons believe that they can actually see the aura of a person and depending on its color and form, this is taken as an indication of the mental and physical well being of that person. Kirlian photography deals with the supposed art of photographing this type of phenomena.  
Often a subject can produce writing that is not in their own writing style, which sometimes conveys messages that appear to have originated from deceased persons.  Alternatively they can gain insights from their writings to things that they may not have consciously known beforehand.  Clairvoyants are usually associated with this type of activity.  
  It is a state whereby physical activities such as drawing, dancing, and writing musical performances can be done by an individual without being consciously aware of their actions.  
Associated with looking back at ones own body from a vantage point or position outside of the physical body. It's associated with astral projection, as in the out of body experience which occurs when the astral body leaves the physical body and goes on a tour of the physical plane.  
An unusual phenomenon and exceedingly varied in form. Typical descriptions include: a spherical shape of any color and ranging in size from a marble to a football. Normally the appearance of ball lightening coincides with a thunderstorm. The phenomenon can materialize within confined spaces and buildings and their duration can be anywhere from seconds to minutes. It is common for the spheres of ball lightning to appear as if the have a 'sense' of direction or 'purposeful' motion rather than simply drifting around.  
Refers to one or more rituals in Ceremonial magic intended to remove non-physical influences ranging from spirits to negative influences. It is used in most cases before and after a main ritual.  
BANSHEE A name given to a female spirit, the origins of which can be found in Irish and Scottish folklore. The wail of a banshee is associated with the foretelling of an imminent death in the house, outside of which the banshee has previously visited.
BEELZEBUB      The Devil; Satan. One of the fallen angels in Milton's Paradise Lost. Beelzebub was next to Satan in power. An evil spirit; a demon.   BERMUDA TRIANGLE Also known as the "Devil's Triangle".  It is an imaginary geographical area, which is located off the southeastern Atlantic coast of the United States, and bears some resemblance to a triangle. The area became infamous because of ' a high incidence of unexplained losses of ships, small boats, and aircraft. BIBLE CODE       A computer program that is designed to look for key words in the Bible that are hidden in a form of code. Today, since the code has been unlocked by computer, it has been shown that certain major world events were predicted to happen thousands of years before they actually did. BIGFOOT      The name given to a creature or creatures, thought to exist in wild and remote parts of North America.  These creatures are commonly referred to as Big Foot, but are known also as: Sasquatch, Skunk Apes and Swamp Apes. To date scientists continue to be defied by this creature and it has still not been positively identified by scientific authorities. The animal is generally described as being large, hairy, around seven to nine feet tall, weighing between 600 and 900 pounds and ape-like in appearance, yet walking upright like a man. BILLET READING                                                                                                     A procedure that involves placing a secretly written question on a piece of paper. This paper is then folded and sealed up inside an envelope and then given to a psychic, who then attempts to answer the question contained within.   BILOCATION      The ability to be, or be seen to be, in two different places at once. It is a state or power, that has sometimes, been attributed to some of the saints. It is existence or the ability to exist simultaneously in two places. BIPED      An animal who's central method of locomotion takes place on two feet. One of the great debate in cryptozoology concerns Bipedal Hominids or human/ape-like creature who walk on two legs BLACK ARTS      The belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world. Also called "Dark Arts". BLACK MAGIC      Black magic is a type of magic that is often used to bring harm to another person. It is strongly associated with the devil and was thought to be practiced by witches who had made pacts with the devil during the Salem witch trials of 1692. It is used to call forth the powers of darkness and evil in an attempt to control natural forces through the use of spells, incantations, and other means. BLACK MASS      A travesty of the Roman Catholic Mass, the Black Mass epitomized the worship of Satan and perverted the most holy mystery of Christian worship—the Christian mass. Evidence of such occurrences was confirmed in the confessions forced from accused witches and sorcerers, who claimed that the devil had mass said at his Sabbath. BLIND      Term used by parapsychologists in experiments where the evaluator of targets and responses to them is without knowledge of information that would reveal the target. CALL      A parapsychological term used to describe the response given in a card-guessing or other ESP test, by the person or subject being tested. CAR STOP      The phenomena of a vehicle engine abruptly stopping when in close proximity to a UFO. Radios and lights may die as well. The vehicle typically is restored to normal operation when the UFO leaves. CASE STUDY      An in-depth investigation of a particular subject. A case study usually consists of multiple investigations and multiple reports with a primary goal of lending objectivity and control to a topic. CASTING A CIRCLE      The magic circle (also known as the sacred circle, ritual circle or simply the circle) is a barrier of energy used in many branches of Ritual magic, particularly in Wicca and other neo-pagan traditions. The circle is usually closed by the practitioner after they have finished by drawing in the energy with the Athame (knife) or their hand (usually in a circular fashion). This is called closing the circle or releasing the circle. CATTLE MUTILATIONS      Term which refers to cases of animal corpses (usually cattle), which have been found with strange injuries. These injuries are often difficult to explain in terms of accident, predators and illness. Often the corpse has missing body parts (e.g. genitals), has been drained of blood and many injuries appear to have been carried out with surgical precision. CEREBRAL ANOXIA      The absence of oxygen in inspired gases or in arterial blood or in the tissues. This type of lack of oxygen in the brain - cerebral anoxia - may cause it to malfunction and thus produce the images associated with and a possible cause of the near death experience. CHANNELING      A relatively recent term for a form of mediumship that involves passing on guidance in the form of messages from  spiritual beings to the living The channeller is used as the medium or vessel for the communication. CHUPACABRA      The famous ‘goatsucker’ of the island of Puerto Rico is now being reported more widely from all the Hispanic nations, with reports coming from Nicaragua and other countries of Central America as well as Mexico. This beast attacks largely at night, largely unseen, and leaves livestock drained of blood. A website based in Argentina describes it as resembling part bat, part kangaroo and part ‘gray’ alien. CLAIRAUDIENCE      The ability to hear sounds, voices etc. which other people cannot hear, without the direct use of the normal auditory system. This skill can be used by mediums to hear and pass on messages from the Beyond during a séance or platform demonstration. CLAIRSENTIENCE      This is the ability to sense that which people cannot sense with the normal range of five senses. Commonly associated with psychics and mediums. CLAIRVOYANCE      The ability to see that which other people cannot see, without the direct use of normal sight. Sometimes this takes the form of seeing an image of a person who has passed on, and so the skill can be used by mediums during a séance or platform demonstration to help them describe the deceased person giving the message. As a form of mediumship, it can be experienced in one or other of two forms – subjective clairvoyance (where the medium sees the image in his/her mind’s eye) or objective clairvoyance (where the medium sees the spirit as if he/she were a living person standing in the room.  CLOSE ENCOUNTERS      Ufologists classify the amount of contact between a witness and an extraterrestrial/UFO according to five increasing levels of interaction. CE1: A UFO seen at close range, but with no interaction with the environment. CE2: A UFO seen at close range, and physical traces or interaction with animals or objects are noted. CE3: A UFO seen at close range, and occupants are noted. CE4: Alien abduction. CE5: Establishes communication between human and alien. The last two classes were added after the death of Dr. J Allen Hynek, who devised the original system in 1972. COINCIDENCE      Two events are said to constitute a coincidence if they occur in such a way as to strike an observer as being highly related as regards to their structure or their “meaning”; to dismiss such an occurrence as a “mere coincidence” is to imply the belief that each event arose as a result of quite independent reasons and that no further “meaning” or significance is to be found in this fortuitous concurrence.  COLD READING      A set of statements purportedly gained by paranormal means but which in fact is wholly based on broadly accurate generalizations and/or on information obtained directly from the person seeking the reading, such as can be gleaned from facial gestures, clues in conversation, and so on. A trick used by a great many phony psychics. COLD SPOT                                                                                            A small area where an unexplained drop in temperature is recorded and no natural or man-made reason exists. It is theorized that when spirits attempt to manifest, they will draw on warm energy from the environment, causing a "hole" in that location, resulting in a cold spot. These areas have also been known to travel throughout a room, possibly signifying a movement of the spirit. Some ghost hunters warn against using cold spots as a paranormal indicator because cold spots can often be explained by natural temperature variances, such as air movement. COLLECTIVE APPARITION      A rare type of sighting in which more than one person sees, hears, smells, or senses the same apparition or phenomena.
                             PARANORMAL  GLOSSARY
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