EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena are electronically documented sounds resembling speech that are not intentionally created by those recording them. In most cases this is done through use of digital or analog recording devices.        There is a significant division between the paranormal and scientific communities as to the source of these sounds. On the one hand it is maintained the sounds are the result of stray radio signals, static or normal background noise that is being misinterpreted as having human qualities when compressed into digital format. The other school of thought holds that these voices are the result of an ability for those who have passed on to communicate with the living by methods of imprinting their voice on these devices outside the range of human hearing.        RISEUP goes to great lengths not to take a leap of faith in either direction. We do not offer these sounds as definitive proof of the afterlife, nor do we search out extreme rationalizations to discredit them. Each clip is analyzed through an audio program in a sincere effort to determine the sound range and the existence of vocal characteristics in anything anomalous we record. There is also a determination to honestly assess the possibility of misidentifying noise emanating from natural sources.         Most of the clips presented are in their raw form as we first heard them. A few have been amplified or noise filtered to provide a better listening experience. In no case has the basic footprint been manipulated to satisfy a false desire for authenticity. These are recordings of things that, to date, we could not fit within our criteria for naturally occurring sounds.        We would suggest that use of headphones for some recordings will provide better sound quality and allow more subtle sounds to be better heard. Any clips that have been amplified or filtered will be duly noted.        Under normal circumstances, we would not disclose beforehand what we feel is said in these clips so as not to prejudice anyone’s objective (or even subjective) opinions in any way. In displaying these clips, we have chosen to waive that stipulation, but we encourage any and all thoughts on their content. You are welcome to send those along to BELCOURT CASTLE  Belcourt Castle is a magnificent Gilded-Age mansion located along Bellevue Avenue in the heart of Newport, R.I.. For over 50 years, the house has not only served as a private residence but also a museum and home to the Tinney Family collection of rare artifacts collected from around the world. Belcourt has been both a historical and cultural fixture in the city for over 100 years.         Over a seven month period, RISEUP conducted a host of private and public investigations inside Belcourt. The most ambitious investigative project ever undertaken in this magnificent structure. The following is some of the most interesting audio evidence we gathered over that time period. THE MASTER BEDROOM 4/24/10      When we first heard this submission by our RISEUP Connecticut group we frankly weren't sure what to make of it. During a session inside the Tinney bedroom, Gail, Ann and Don recorded this whispered, but extremely clear voice. This is, in our opinion, one of the most fascinating pieces we've heard to date. We think we can state with some certainty what is being said...but why? Are the hand held equipment investigators carry with them misconstrued to be something more sinister than plastic, metal and wiring? Weapons perhaps? We'll let you judge at 0:03. “TAKE THE WEAPONS OFF” VOICE ISOLATED THE MASTER BEDROOM 5/28/10      We tend to use different types of stimuli to elicit a response. They could be requests, commands, bangs, or in this case - whistling. Ken DeCosta is inside the Tinney bedroom with members of the TAPS Home Team when they all hear this audible response to Ken's musical appeal at 0:04. There was absolute conviction by all parties that this was not mechanical in any way nor originated from any individual, camera or device present.      NOTE: That's Joe Chin from SyFy channel's Ghost Hunters International asking "What was that?" WHISTLING IN THE DARK THE MUSIC ROOM Later that same night, the group attempted to solicit a "repeat performance" by confirming they heard something unusual and would like to have it repeated. An inquiring voice requests makes a request of their own. “WHO CALLED ME?” VOICE ISOLATED ORGAN LOFT 6/12/10      A very common question we ask ourselves is, "Can all our questions be understood in English?" Conversely, will all responses be in English as well? Another is can energies attach themselves to objects? A place like Belcourt Castle with artifacts from 33 different countries just might be the place to determine the answers and one guest may have done that. While in the organ loft, she was conducting an EVP session under our supervision and upon our review we heard this response at 0:06. There are a number of Spanish relics inside the castle and we believe we hear the word 'alama" [ah-lah’-mah], which is Spanish for gold or silver cloth. That evening the woman was wearing a silver jacket. “ALAMA” VOICE ISOLATED THE STABLES  7/24/10      We often leave recorders running unattended in an unoccupied area to ensure of no human vocal contamination as we listen to the location “speak” for itself. In this clip, we do this in the enclosed stables and what we record is similar to what would be heard when a horse is being shod or more simply, some sort of work being performed involving hammering. This, of course, is purely speculative, but it does give one pause to consider at least the possibility of a residual audio event. TAPPING / HAMMERING THE MUSIC ROOM 10/2/10      RISEUP investigator Chris Blanchette is seeking some type of audible response and turns to old school raps and knocks as an alternative form of communication. He seems to have impressed someone at 0:07. “THAT’S FANTASTIC” VOICE ISOLATED Later in the session, Ken DeCosta asks for one final sign of recognition and at 0:04 receives - perhaps unwittingly - exactly what he asks for. “NO SUCH….LUCK” VOICE ISOLATED THE CHACE-CORY HOUSE   Located in Tiverton, R.I. 4-Corners National Register Historic District. Built in the late 17th or early 18th century. This 3/4 cape with gambrel roof, now owned by the Tiverton Historical Society, was home to whaling captains and their families, descendants of one of the first of twenty seven free men listed as original residents of Tiverton. The house and grounds retain many features original to a Colonial village farm including a corn-crib and wash house.      RISEUP has conducted a number of investigations of this iconic colonial home in our hometown and the results have been surprisingly positive. BEDROOM 1/7/10 Our second investigation of the home was to that point likely the most bizarre evening in the still-short history of the team. We witnessed an old silver spoon seemingly apport from one room to another which will be covered in the video evidence section, but our audio evidence was almost its equal in its oddness. Ken DeCosta was in the lone bedroom on the first floor explaining the presence of our equipment and its purpose. At this point a female’s voice was recorded. It sounds very much like a laugh or chuckle. WOMAN’S LAUGH VOICE ISOLATED Just a bit later in the same session, Ken is advancing the notion that we are normal people trying to make contact and welcome any messages when we record another strange advisement. Ken at this point is standing there holding and occasionally sipping from a water bottle, so perhaps this does make some sense. “WAKE UP!” VOICE ISOLATED JOHN WATERMAN ARNOLD HOUSE The John Waterman Arnold House is an historic house at 11 Roger Williams Avenue in Warwick, Rhode Island. Built sometime in the late 18th century, it is a two-story five-bay wood-frame structure with a central chimney, and a two-story ell extending to the rear. It distinctively has a fireplace in its cellar, suggesting this area was once used as a kitchen. In May 1965 The Historical Society took official possession of the house after purchasing it from Mr. and Mrs. Frank Aldrich and Mrs. Harold Scott. In 1972 The Arnold House was placed on the National Register of Historic Homes. SECOND FLOOR BEDROOM 4/9/16 Two investigators are in the room and one of our EMF meters begins to flicker. Rather than assume this is anything unnatural, one wonders out loud if its batteries are up to par. At that point a female voice is recorded. Quite often what exactly is said is subjective at best, so we’ll just venture our own best guess. “BRING IT” VOICE ISOLATED SECOND FLOOR 5/14/16 A disembodied voice is one that is audible without any rational point of origin. In this clip, Vin Pacheco is entering a room and opening an old-style latched door leading to the second floor bedroom. This female voice was heard by him as he went about his business setting up for the night. The only other person present was Ken DeCosta on the first floor setting up monitors and our audio recording system. The voice has a hint of a British dialect which on the surface makes little sense, but some of the Arnolds married daughters of old Warwick families who may have retained traces of that accent. “WHO’S THERE?” VOICE ISOLATED BASEMENT 8/20/16 The basement of the home is an interesting area. There is a beehive fireplace there that was undoubtedly used for cooking, but it is also a place where slaves who worked the farm spent the night huddled in a place of warmth. Ken DeCosta is inquiring about the possible presence of one of John Arnold’s sons and gets an interesting EVP response at 0:10. “YES I AM” VOICE ISOLATED
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