There are three ways to contact us: Via email at info@riseupparanormal.com  Via the confidential contact section form on the website By phone at 401.692.5220  Contact us any time with questions or concerns you have.      The RISEUP Paranormal Society is a Rhode Island - based volunteer organization with affiliates in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine that specialize in the investigation and assessment of paranormal claims within the realms of Hauntings, UFO experiences, and Cryptozoology. Our teams are comprised of experienced and educated adults from diverse professional backgrounds in historic and archaeological research, psychology, photography, the defense industry, education, health care and electronic and structural engineering, to name but a few.           Our ultimate goal is to conduct unbiased data gathering through research, documentation and critical thinking to better help understand the true nature of the alleged phenomena. We accomplish this by using a variety of recording and environmental instruments, thorough historical research, and common sense. We are always available for consultation regarding unexplained phenomena in private or public locations and ALL OF OUR SERVICES ARE OFFERED AT NO COST      We possess a diverse and proficient background in all aspects of the paranormal including the occult, mythology/folklore, and psychical research. The organization deals with and assesses each situation brought before us on a case-to-case basis. While we remain open to the possible existence of spirits,  extraterrestrial beings, and Cryptozoological animals, we conduct each investigation without any pre-existent biases.  In this way we are neither hardened skeptics nor staunch believers, but impartial observers looking to provide an honest and accurate assessment for anyone in need.      To do this we must: 1) Identify any naturally-occurring environmental, emotional or psychological factors that may help explain the activity in rational terms. 2) Survey and research the physical area in an attempt to determine the background and physical makeup of the location and the individual(s) who may have previously inhabited it - be it in a dwelling or the land surrounding it. 3) Establish a time-line of activity and determine if there are any existing patterns that present themselves.  4) Provide a support system and/or support services upon request. While we can't compensate the plumber, electrician, counselor, etc., we can recommend someone reputable and proficient in a given field. We may also facilitate contact with religious-based institutions and individuals for assistance and/or guidance with respect to the spiritual beliefs of our clients. 5) Provide an open-minded, comforting, rational and attentive ear to anyone willing to tell their story.  6) Provide a true and detailed assessment to anyone interested in or affected by paranormal phenomena.      Most importantly we will always be accessible to anyone needing our assistance. Our support does not end after a single investigation or consultation and we pledge to maintain a relationship with those who have sought our help for as long as it is required.   Use these links below to find out more about RISEUP