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BARRINGTON, RI OFFICE BUILDING      We were contacted by two employees who were working in a professional building that reported some very unusual occurrences in their place of business. Being interested in the paranormal aspect of it, they conducted their own investigations, but upon meeting the group they took the initiative to contact us and set up a night for a visit. That visit turned into a series of sessions that would span the course of over a year. The result was some of the more intriguing and compelling evidence we have gathered to date. The past history of the location remains confidential. It must be emphasized that in each visit to the location, the employees had full access and no other persons were in the building save for us and them. Not even custodial staff were on the premises. OFFICE HALLWAY 3/14/10 Our first visit to the office building consisted of mainly some further background into the location and a walk around to familiarize ourselves with the layout. While walking through one of the ladies’ office areas, we recorded the disembodied voice of a female whose who as near as we can ascertain was either judging us or registering her opinion about others she shared the building with at some point in time. “SHALLOW PEOPLE” VOICE ISOLATED RECEPTION ROOM 4/1/10 On our very first visit, we struck gold when we had our recorders running while having a casual conversation with the ladies. There were claims that a child was assumed to be on the premises, and this was confirmed by this recording “GET OUT” RECEPTION ROOM 5/8/10 Again we leave our recorders running in as many rooms as possible, and when all five people present move to the glass-enclosed conference room for another casual chat, our recorder left in the adjacent reception room, sitting on an end table, picks up an adult female voice that for all intents and purposes is speaking almost directly into its microphone. “WHO’S IN HERE?” VOICE ISOLATED OFFICE HALLWAY 5/19/10 The employees took to placing a hand held camera on a table in the reception room and pointed it down a hallway where they reported consistently hearing voices, door handles jiggling and occasionally a shadowy form darting about. While they sat silently one night in the conference room, their review of the footage revealed this female voice clearly singing a song somewhere in that area. We at this point had absolute faith in the word of the two ladies present that neither was responsible for this. SINGING IN SUITE RECEPTION AREA 6/4/10 On this particular visit, everyone in the building was female. The two employees and two of our investigators. One had brought along a large plastic playground ball as a trigger object to perhaps pique the curiosity of a child if one was indeed present. While sitting on the floor bouncing to ball to each other in the reception room, a recorder picks up the voice of a small child - perhaps a little girl - trying to get their attention. This is a fascinating clip. “HEY” VOICE ISOLATED In that same area, just a few minutes later, the recorder again picks up on the voice of another young female as the game has come to a close. As the ball is taken to the conference room and everyone leaves the reception room, this voice was recorded. “WHO WANTS IT?” ROLLING HILLS ASYLUM      In September of 2013, we had decided to take a road trip to one of the most iconic haunted locations in the entire country, Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, NY. We looked forward to meeting the owner, Sharon Coyle and to investigate the location with only team members present. Sharon allows a great deal of latitude to visiting groups, so the idea of a night at RHA seemed ideal for us. A lot of these types of locations may or may not live up to the hype surrounding them, so we were pleasantly surprised at our overall experience at the former poor house/asylum. THE BOILER ROOM 9/7/13 According to Sharon and based on prior investigations there, it is said that a spirit named Raymond maintains a presence in this area. To that end we began our session by introducing ourselves and trying to make contact with him. So as we started to settle in with our recorders and other gear, we seemed to have been extended a greeting before our first question was uttered. “HELLO” VOICE ISOLATED Because the building served as a haven to those mentally or physically disadvantaged and illness was a constant issue there, Ken DeCosta asked if perhaps the entity in that area was one of many who suffered some type of malady. A response in the form of a disembodied voice came back in the affirmative. Julie DeMay acknowledges this immediately. “YES” VOICE ISOLATED This next clip both astounds and also raises questions as to its intent. While Ken tests to see if we can be seen, sensed or heard, a response is returned that is both chilling and fascinating to consider. What is (their) secret? “OUR SECRET” VOICE ISOLATED As we do not actually hear the previous audio clip audibly, we continue our attempt to contact Raymond and extend our friendship. With the previous clip still in mind, one can only continue to imagine what this “secret” might be or the level of its importance. Ken DeCosta acknowledges that this time, the response is indeed audible. Also, please note the amazing similarity of the voices in both “secret” clips. That in and of itself, makes this an important capture. “SECRET” VOICE ISOLATED Audio paredolia is always an issue. Particularly when the result you seek is always present in your mind. The result is you might become a bit prone to hear something that might not actually “be there”. But we have to admit, with all that in mind, this sure does sound like a name….and the name spoken could be… “RAYMOND” VOICE ISOLATED GOVERNOR BRADFORD HOUSE RISEUP was given permission to investigate this 18th century former home of British sympathizer William Bradford. Staff there had reported object manipulation on a degree rarely heard before along daytime sightings of black masses and full-bodied apparitions moving throughout the home (now a bed and breakfast). While there, we witnessed a streak of light moving across a guest room at rapid speed which then zig-zagged erratically and eventually collided with a wall and burst into a flash of light that was mistaken for a camera flash by another group of investigators one floor below who could view the guest room window through a double paned glass door. Another group were conducting a session with staff present in the basement when they saw - to their amazement - a trash can slide two feet across the floor when a sign of a presence there was requested. A most incredible experience. ATTIC 2/23/09 The first clip must remain subjective, but we can only venture our own opinions as to what is being said here. While introducing ourselves and asking for a reciprocation, there is a general consensus that what is heard is a genial and welcoming response. We are certainly aware that expectation might play a large role in our conclusion here, but we choose to present this clip with that in mind. “HOW DO YOU DO” VOICE ISOLATED Sometime later during this session, as we began to exhaust ourselves of questions and with a lack of visual or audible stimuli to motivate us to extending our time there, Ken wonders out loud if by some chance we might be an annoyance and that perhaps the time has come to say goodnight. Our response back is again, subjective but nonetheless in that range of sound that would categorize it as an electronic voice phenomena. It is presented for that value alone and with another “best guess” as to the content. (It does seem to be rather harsh though if we are correct.) “I CURSE AT YOU” VOICE ISOLATED