History is often linked to reports of strange phenomena and solid historical research is a principle tenant of solid paranormal investigation. RISEUP is based in Rhode Island, with affiliates located throughout the New England area - a region ripe with colonial and pre-colonial history. With the influx of European settlers in the 1600s and the superstitions and folklore that accompanied them, it is beyond simple irony that reports of ghosts and hauntings are so prevalent within this region. We place extreme importance in providing all parties with thorough and accurate research about a particular location throughout any investigation. Information concerning any location’s history can undoubtedly introduce vital knowledge, insight and clarity into any paranormal scenario.      Our research does not necessarily end with the conclusion of an investigation or consultation. As people with a strong academic interest in history and its potential relation to supernatural phenomena, we often continue to pursue background information about a location or individual until all available resources are exhausted.        When dealing with significantly historic locations, it is important that one's approach and interest should embrace its past and its significance to the community, the region and the entire country. RISEUP has no interest in perpetuating (or basing its conclusions on) rumors, urban legends or mythologies surrounding any such building or location thereby reducing it’s reputation to nothing more than a "haunted location". This is something we take quite seriously when the opportunity arises to visit such places.                We have been privileged to have traveled to and investigated claims of paranormal activity in a number of Nationally Registered Historical Places as well as many other historically significant locations in the country.
    Warwick Armory           The Barnstable House           Belcourt Castle           Eastern St. Penitentiary
    Captain Grant’s Inn           Warner Theater             St. Ann’s Cathedral          John Arnold House
            USS Salem                   Sprague Mansion             Chace-Cory House       Rose Island Lighthouse
     The Whaley House         Exeter Baptist Church             Fort Mifflin                   Edward King House
           Slater Mill                  Jules Desermont Mill              Fort Adams              Sterling Opera House
  Paine House Museum             The Old Jail             Nathaneal Greene House     Governor Bradford
     Huguenot House             Rolling Hills Asylum          Harris Fire Station              Admiral Fell Inn
 The Bucksville House               Fort Barton             Frank D. Walker Building    Rutland Prison Camp
Thompson Congregational        Smith’s Castle               Cloud’s Hill Museum        Peter J. Oliver House
Middleboro Town Hall            Houghton Mansion                  Goff Hall                Stephen Hopkins House
    Pitt Clarke House                     DeWint House                       Colonial Inn